Drop Shadow/Original Shadow

When pictures are taken for printing or for production, there are certain things that must be considered. At first it is a matter of thinking hard about how the picture should be taken so that it becomes ideal for the medium, where the picture is going to be utilized. Next comes the part where the photo needs to be edited a bit in order to look even better. Drop shadow is one of the most popular edits that can enhance the beauty of an image.

We can use drop shadow under the picture either on the right or left side. The direction usually depends upon the picture’s angle. Moreover, measurement is imperative for the accuracy of drop shadow. When drop-shadow is used on the picture, it looks more defined.

How we use drop shadow, is a matter that depends on perspectives: these could be the manner in which the picture was taken, how lighting has impacted it when it was clicked, how the shadow is essential on the premise of picture size. At S.B Editing Service, we know that it needs to look just like a real shadow. Making it look real is especially crucial in the perspective of the picture.

It can be said that making drop shadow is difficult in comparison to other image edits. Not only is making drop shadow a considerably difficult task in terms of precision, but it also requires ample creativity. Along these lines, how the final edit will look like will depend on creativity.

We try to give the images a more practical, 3D feel.

Here at S.B Editing Service, we offer a few types of drop shadow services. These are normal drop shadow making, reflection shadow making, character shadowing which can be connected to your images.